Human Resources and Organisation



Human Resources and Organisation




The organisational unit Human Resources and Organisation, in line with the policies and directives of the Presidency, operates in order to obtain the maximum contribution of co-workers to achieve the objectives of the Association.


With this objective, he/she looks for the consensus of all the members of the Association, enabling co-workers satisfaction, a positive social atmosphere and a participatory management style, aimed at the professional growth of colleagues, and therefore of the Association’s system.




For this purpose:


It manages, in line with the policies of the Association, the Human Resources and the Organisational Development.

Looks after the growth and development of a corporate culture in line with co-workers potential and skills.

Ensures the effective management of employees through the planning, design and application of the criteria, systems and tools considered more efficient and effective in the field of: recruitment, administration, evaluation, training and development.

Ensures the management of employment disputes (investigations, relations with external law firms, etc.)

Manages, in line with the Association’s policies and values, the Privacy process implementing the necessary improvements.

Suggests the formulation of organisational solutions suitable for the adaptation of structures and function models of the organisational units to the objectives and strategies of the Association.



Drafting of policy proposals on planning, management, remuneration and development of the Association’s staff.


Definition of standards, procedures and methodologies for the management and development of personnel.


Definition of needs and programmes in the field of recruitment, selection, mobility, training, evaluation and development of personnel and the organisation of related initiatives.


Drafting proposals on remuneration and reward system and formulation of salary plans.


Management of individual working relationships.


Realisation of organisational analyses as well as analysis and evaluation of working positions.


Definition and proposals of organisational structures, roles and responsibilities.




Please upload CV and presentation letter in English (an excellent knowledge of written and spoken English B2-C1 level is required).


An experience of at least three years in the indicated areas and a strong motivation to work in the non-profit sector is also required.


Workplace: Modena with willingness to travel within the country.

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